Beginning revisions part II

Okay. Here’s where it gets real.

Without a doubt, I’m more nervous about this than I was to kick out the beta draft to readers. Like, butterflies-in-stomach nervous. Perhaps because at this point, in some ways, I trust my readers’ judgment more than my own. They helped spot the fixes. It is the exceptionally rare critique, however, that not only tells you what needs fixing but also how to fix it. So it’s back in my hands now, but sometimes I’m going to get stuck.

That’s where some practical maneuvering comes in. Visual methods keep me grounded, and I’ve found the Post-It trick to be advantageous in this aspect. Because let’s be honest, mapping revisions onto friendly, brightly colored squares of paper makes the whole process a bit more appealing, too.


The revisions are ordered chronologically and color-coded: Blue = plot; pink = character; green = dialogue; yellow = setting; white = technicalities (grammar, sentence structure, tone, theme, and so on).

I’ve only just begun with beta reader comments, but eventually I’ll add my own revisions, and one of our walls will be entirely papered in Post-Its.

A few links I found helpful in organizing revisions:

Beginning the awesome journey of revision

Deductive editing: Revising like a master detective

Things to keep in mind before beginning revisions


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