Editing Services

I have known Marissa for close to four years now since I first interviewed her for an editor’s position at the Oregon State school newspaper. It was evident from day one Marissa was something special and soon she became the lead copy editor for the paper. Every big feature and layout went through her and if she wasn’t on duty, section editors asked if she could be called in or if we could send her the layouts and feature stories. The common refrain from the editors was: ‘Has Marissa looked this over yet?’ Her attention to detail and ability to find and suggest new and better ways to tell the stories was a major reason for the paper winning Best Collegiate Paper in the Northwest region in 2012.

When I became a reporter at Fortune [magazine], I would often have Marissa look at any feature article I was working on to get her thoughts and suggestions. She is an incredible resource for me and I couldn’t recommend her strongly enough as a copy editor for anyone’s writing projects.”

— Brandon Southward, reporter and former editor in chief of The Daily Barometer

Writing is both my passion and my profession. Clear, polished, and consistent writing is achievable through editing. An experienced and knowledgeable editor makes all the difference in taking your work from first draft to full-fledged publishable material. Whether your document is a 100-page manuscript or a one-page memorandum, editing is an essential part of the process.

I offer a variety of editing services including  basic copy (line) editing, final proofreading and revision, and one-on-one consultations with in-depth critique. I am able to provide constructive and helpful commentary, fact-checking, and correction of grammar, spelling, and sentence structures.

Rates are negotiable, but typically begin at $2.00/pp or $2.00 per 100 words, depending on the project and level of editing requested (basic line edits or full revision). You may submit your draft to my e-mail address at marissabyfield@gmail.com, with inclusion of the following: A brief description of your submission, deadline, and areas of concern. Preferred attachment format is .doc or .docx. Prompt feedback is ensured.

For more information on what my services can do for your writing, contact me with your inquiry and we’ll discuss its potential.

As of December 2017, editing services are closed. Thank you for your interest and please refer to this page for further updates!


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