My Novel

The wolves in the woods are not what they seem…


THE SOFT FALL is a retelling of ancient Roman mythology. Dianna, a huntress who risks her life to protect those without agency, defies a corruption more inhuman than the lycanthropy plaguing her village: an oppressive theocracy. After a vicious attack, she must flee to the very place she is warned against – the wild woods of Silbarran.

But as the tyrannical High Elder summons imperial mercenaries to purge the woods, a hidden army is rising to bring the battle to a bloody end. Together with an unlikely company of fugitives, Dianna fights for survival in a falling empire – and for the dawn of a better world.

THE SOFT FALL is a subversive, sympathetic look at a traditional monster. It is a story about the power of hope and love to transcend all else, and the smaller wars waged within larger ones – including those we wage against ourselves.

THE SOFT FALL will be published by Ellysian Press. Further updates on its progress will be posted to this page.


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